Illustration & Concept Art
After Life

Pen on paper.


Xenomorph. Awesome. Period. Pen on Paper.


We are, in a different state of assimilation. Pen on paper.

Batman Noir

A noir style depiction of the caped crusader. Pen on paper.

Big Head

A quirky piece done using pen and markers with generous helping of poster colors. Scanned and tweaked in Photoshop for good measure.

Boxer Bot

Drone bot designed for combat sport. Pen on paper.

Boy Bot

A fun, quirky character study of a child robot.


Mr. Steve Rogers. All American hero. Photoshop + Wacom.

Creature of Lust

An early work depicting what a lustful creature would look like. Pen on paper.

Mr. Vader

A quick study of one of the most iconic villain in the sci-fi genre. Done in Photoshop using an array of coarse/dry brushes to simulate a painterly feel.

Dead Thing

A zombie piece using cross-hatching technique. Pen on paper.


A concept art


Before you enter the realm of souls, a gatekeeper awaits. Pen on paper.


A combination of cyberpunk and steampunk styles. The outer styling is steampunk but the internals is advanced robotic stuff.

Harley Quinn

My dark and moody interpretation of Joker's accomplice and lover, Harley Quinn.


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High Priest

A distant future high-priest. Part man, part machine. A result of man's conquest of singularity.


A study and exercise in creating a hero character, noir-style.


Another speed painting piece with the aim of creating a creature that can either fit in a fantasy or sci-fi world.


A homage to the brave and savage Vikings of yore.


Inspired by Tiki, the first man in Māori mythology. This piece was an exercise in subtle shadows and highlights to create a 3d effect.

Till Death Do Us Part

Love transcends time and space. Pen on paper.


A homage to the brave and savage Vikings of yore.

Wind Rider

An techno-organic depiction of a galloping horse. Pen on paper.


A speed painting piece to test my newly bought Wacom tablet. After a few minutes of doodling, a zombie character emerged. Went for a loose/messy style.