Featured Works

Maternity portrait of my wife and eldest son with his yet to be born brother.

Classic Beauty

Went for a classic style during post-processing. Subtle colors and shadows is better suited the subject and mood of the photo.


Portrait study and excercise in achieving a golden look. Done using my 50mm @ f2.8 + umbrella'd flash.

Self Portrait

Self potrait in moody black and white.


A personal study in posing and art of head shot photography. Natural light + 50mm @ 1.4. Emphasized DOF via Photoshop.


A black and white portrait of my daughter Zahara. Went for a gentle and warm look. 50mm at f1.4. Lightroom + VSCO.

Cheeky Zeke

Personal project. A fun portrait of my 2nd born Ezekiel.

After Life

Pen on paper.


Xenomorph. Awesome. Period. Pen on Paper.


We are, in a different state of assimilation. Pen on paper.

Batman Noir

A noir style depiction of the caped crusader. Pen on paper.

Boxer Bot

Drone bot designed for combat sport. Pen on paper.


Mr. Steve Rogers. All American hero. Photoshop + Wacom.

Creature of Lust

An early work depicting what a lustful creature would look like. Pen on paper.

Mr. Vader

A quick study of one of the most iconic villain in the sci-fi genre. Done in Photoshop using an array of coarse/dry brushes to simulate a painterly feel.

Dead Thing

A zombie piece using cross-hatching technique. Pen on paper.


A concept art


Before you enter the realm of souls, a gatekeeper awaits. Pen on paper.


A combination of cyberpunk and steampunk styles. The outer styling is steampunk but the internals is advanced robotic stuff.


Another speed painting piece with the aim of creating a creature that can either fit in a fantasy or sci-fi world.


A homage to the brave and savage Vikings of yore.

Till Death Do Us Part

Love transcends time and space. Pen on paper.


A homage to the brave and savage Vikings of yore.

Wind Rider

An techno-organic depiction of a galloping horse. Pen on paper.

CA Service Desk

A dashboard system with Computer Associates Service Desk integration. Done with Laravel + jqPlot.

Call Accounting System UI Study

A design study for the web administration module of call accounting system.

Flatlee Icon Set

Personal project. Delving into the flat design trend and my first icon set.

P2iS Online

A web app companion for an in-house payroll and HRIS system. Made using Codeigniter, Bootstrap, jQuery and SOAP.

SCMS - Services and Contract Management System

An in-house management system for managing contracts, equipment inventory and return. Made using Codeigniter, Bootstrap, mySQL and Flot.