Hello! My name is Junel Mujar, and I'm a full-stack developer, photographer and an aspiring artist. I specialize in creating kick-ass websites and web apps. I also love doing portrait & headshot photography. And when time permits, I create illustrations, drawings and concept art.

I got 16 years experience as as software developer as well as managerial skills. When you work with me, you’ll find that I’m easy going, easy to work with and always looking for the best solution for the problem at hand.

An oh, some lowdown on me:

  • I love spicy food (who doesn't?)
  • I grew up in a place where every dish has coconut milk in it. And lots of chili.
  • I got Chinese blood but I sure don't like one :)
  • Sake and sujo is love


  • PHP, Wordpress, Silex, Laravel
  • Javascript and friends (jQuery, React, Node)
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • CSS & LESS
  • Linux, Windows & Mac OSX
  • Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Pixelmator & Sketch


  • Family
  • Science Fiction & Technology
  • Photography
  • Drawing/Doodling/Painting
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Music


Got questions? interested in my skills?

Email me at:

Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda