Moving Down Under

Published on June 04, 2016

Uprooting your family and moving into another continent at the same time starting out from scratch is a risky decision. But we did it anyways.

I've never thought that I would live or work abroad. Ever since I was a child, I said to myself that I will make it in my motherland. And I did. I was able to achieve what I dreamt when I was young. Life was good.

As you know, Manila is getting crowded by the minute. Literally. People are flocking in for work and to chase their dreams. It's all good, nothing bad with it. But the problem is Manila has little space to spare. Infrastracture can't cope with the boom in population. With the economy in good shape, people have more buying power and so the increase in car sales. The effect is monstrous traffic jams. And what you got is air that is not breathable anymore. Irate and stressed commuters and everything else in between. At first, I was able to adjust and just go with the flow. But then, you will reach your limit. It's not worth it anymore.

One of the key reason why we decided to do the big move was for our children. In Manila, there are no safe parks where they can just hang around and play. If you want your kids to play safely, you go to play centers at the malls and pay. Too expensive. Also, education in Manila is getting ridiculously costly. You want good education, you pay for it. And don't get me started with the weather. It's unbearable. Hot and humid almost the whole day. Your airconditioning will cry and you will too when the electric bill arrives.

On open countries like Australia, you get good education and it's free. And oh, the air is clean here and there is peace and quiet. Parks are abundant as well play areas. You can stroll to your hearts delight.

I know that initial stages will be difficult as I have to find a new job, a new home and of course adjusting to just everything. But I've done it before and I know I can do it again.

These are some of reasons why we decided to migrate and start fresh elsewhere. I love my country and I've done my fair share of contribution but it seems that the government is not looking at the bigger picture and is just concentrating on the economy and making money. The welfare of the people is just secondary, or I might say at the bottom of the list.

I still have hope that one day, the Philippines will rise up and be nation that it's meant to be.

~ Junel