Hello World

Published on May 15, 2016

Thank you for setting aside a bit of your precious time to read this journal entry. This is my first ever blog post under this shiny new website and hope to write more in the future.

It's been quite a long time but I'm back online. A decade has passed since my previous website was up. Due to professional commitments (career), I've put it on hold as not to have a conflict of interest and focus on other things such as my growing family & other personal stuff.


Well, I believe it's high time to showcase what I can do plus I've been wanting to build a really lean flat-file, markdown-powered website CMS. I don't wanna use Wordpress as it's an overkill really, for what I am aiming for. I've tried to use other flat file CMS's but well, I just couldn't find a perfect fit for my taste. So, what does any self-respecting developer do? Of course build your own!

The Recipe

This website was built using Silex plus the following libraries:


    "require": {
        "twig/twig": "^1.24"
        "mnapoli/front-yaml": "^1.5",
        "symfony/finder": "^3.0",
        "michelf/php-markdown": "^1.6",
        "symfony/filesystem": "^3.0",
        "voku/pagination": "^2.1"

I tried to keep it lean and mean. The front controller itself is just 155 lines of code and code be made even shorter. Silex and Twig is a joy to use and basically that's all you need in building a markdown powered website just like this one.

For the front-end, it's just normalize.css and hand crafted CSS with the help of Less. Sprinkled with bits of jQuery and Chocolat.js. Topped with crisp font goodness via Google fonts.

The future

I will be open sourcing the code powering this website and hope to blog about it soon.

So there you go for my first ever post. Hooray!

Till next time!

~ Junel